Lilou Cahier

Lilou Caye, the French

Lilou Cahier lives and works in Paris. Her office is across from the Eiffel Tower. She is a publisher. In her free time she skis on the slopes of Mont Blanc and speaks ancient Greek. Since she was young,  she loved ballet and eating sweets. She travels a lot and always have her camera with.

Her name means a section or a signature and is a term often used in bookbinding to determine the size and cost of a book. The book you have in your hands has 10 sections  and usually  in Greek bookbinding terminology use the word "cahier". In ancient Greek the cat was called “gale”.

Lilou Cahier is a kit that allows you to sew a book with an open back, French stitch and no use of glue. The book that is created is small album, ideal for small photos.

Suitable for teenagers and for those who deal with photography.

Contains 9 materials. 


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"Tela and Spagos", for kids
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