The bindery is a small, family, highly professional laboratory located in Thessaloniki, Ladadika,  since 1951. It provides personalized service from start to finish. 


The group of bookbinding is committed to provide customized and totally personal products and maintain the highest standards of bookbinding.We are proud of our work, using traditional techniques, adapted to the contemporary reality of life. We aim for high quality work, and we are consistent and credible to the specific requirements of our customers for design, budget and deadline. 


The bindery offers bookbinding workshops for children and adults. Two cats, Tela and Spagos, who took their names from bookbinding materials, introduce children to the craft of bookbinding and help them to bind a book through playing.


Cloth bound, leather bound, gilded letters, rotogravure, photo album, representation boxes, cd cases or dvd, menu, bookbinding kits.Also you can find gifts, toys or diy toys, wedding or christening handmade invitations or favors.

Navmachias Ellis 4
Zip 546 25
Τ+F: 2310 531 902
e-mail: [email protected]
"Tela and Spagos", bookbinding for kids
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