Mister Mac Fold

He is Scottish. He likes squash and his favorite hero is James Bond. That is why he introduce himself: Fold. McFold. He likes reading his books by the fireplace drinking hot tea. He has a huge collection of old books and his hobby is bookbinding. He likes to bind  his books by his own.

He took his name ( fold) from the Scottish Fold cat, which is characterized by folded ears. The bookbinding technique you will use requires folded sheets to make a signature. The sewing that follows is one of the most important tasks in bookbinding to make the book have o long life over time.

This binding way refers to a method of sewing signature through the fold by hand. Sewing thread travels in and out of the fold of one signature, from kettle stitch to kettle stitch, then passes to the next signature and travel in and out of the fold from kettle stitch to kettle stitch; so that each pass of thread along the length of the spine attaches one signature to the text block.  Sewing all along is the stronger method, in which case sewing all along would result in an excessive buildup of thread in the spine. The book acquires a flexible body which opens over its entire range. Medium difficulty. Video tutorial on our site. The kit is a wonderful opportunity and an excellent gift for those who wish to get knowledge of the art of bookbinding.

It contents 13 materials.



Mister Mak Fold

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