Menu, price lists, bill pockets, folders

The construction of the menus, price lists, bill pockets, folders or binders for hotels, bars, restaurants etc., is infinite and has very creative solutions. The menu is the picture of each store. Decent appearance is an instrument for the promotion of products and must be consistent with the store's style. 

Indicative technical details:

  • Hardcover
  • leather, bookbinding cloth, fabric, paper, wood
  • gold or silver lettering, rotogravure
  • stitch on the back
  • Metal or plastic screws
  • metallic protective corner elements
  • 2ptycha, 3ptycha, 4ptycha, accordion
  • special water-resistant cloth or paper
  • there is no limit to the dimensions

Take advantage of our experience and adaptability to specific structures and new materials, because for us any new original idea is a challenge.

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"Tela and Spagos", bookbinding for kids
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